The Original Pineapple…

Hi! It’s me, Heather! I refer to myself as the original pineapple, like an OG because that’s how I roll. I am so excited to finally be sharing my story and getting to know you ladies better too.


While I have been married for 11 years, we weren’t always ready to have children and the idea of kids always seemed to far away. We often said that we could wait two more years and then another two more years and time just never seemed right, but finally one day we realized that we couldn’t wait any longer.

After trying for quite some time, we realized that something had to be wrong and we were sent to an RE for further testing. We were told that we had almost no chance of conceiving on our own and this was so disheartening and honestly it took me almost another year just to accept our fate.

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After finally realizing we needed to seek treatment to start a family, I started to follow some amazing girls on Instagram. After a while I felt so much more educated and realized that we weren’t alone in this journey. We finally completed two IUIs, but unfortunately both failed and we didn’t know what to do.

IVF wasn’t really something we wanted to pursue at the time and the mix of stress and drugs led me down a dark path. We needed a break. After a few weeks I knew that I had to do something to make this journey better for myself. I needed deeper connections and I wanted to be able to help others and be a resource, since I knew how painful this journey was. That is how the Pineapple Squad was started.


I have made new connections and met with so many wonderful women who also know the struggle of infertility. I hope to continue to grow this wonderful group and I look forward to meeting so many of you.

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Love and Pineapples,